Remote Engine
Control & Monitoring
Every application is unique with pumps, wind machines, power units, and generators being just a few of the applications utilizing controllers. GET STARTED TODAY Murphy by Enovation Controls provide solutions with the right mix of features for your particular application. And when combined with Ranch Systems automation telemetry, controlling and monitoring your engines has never been easier! Controlling an engine is a complicated affair! PowerCore® TEC-10 RS130 Telemetry Node

Intro Why Ranch Systems for
My Remote Solution?
• Monitor and control from anywhere with cellular coverage via secure cloud-based portal

• Receive custom reports on usage and performance

• Receive customized alerts via SMS, e-mail, or voice call on conditions such as alarms, high flow, or low pressure.

• Integrated monitoring system can be easily expanded to other field instruments for a single system solution for all of your monitoring and control needs.

Intro Is My Engine Compatible? Most engines can be retrofitted with a modern controller, such as the PowerCore® TEC-10 from Murphy by Enovation Controls.

Ranch Systems Compatible Telemetry Devices:

• RS130-H Standalone Cellular Telemetry Node

• RS300-H and RS300-V Expandable Cellular Telemetry Node

Remote Control Modes Available (if equipped):

RPM, Pressure Maintain, Pressure Start/Stop, Level Maintain, Level Start/Stop

Add-on Flow Meter Monitoring for flow meters with a pulse output or 4-20mA output.
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