The RS330 is an advanced telemetry node, data logger, and equipment controller capable of reading data from a variety of sensors and uploading that data to the Ranch Cloud™ platform. Unit configuration is available using a cabled PC connection or by real-time cloud server connection using the myRanch™ app.

The RS330 can function as a standalone unit or as part of a multi-node RanchMesh™ network.

  • The standalone unit includes a cellular modem which communicates directly with the Ranch Cloud platform, giving you the flexibility to place the unit wherever cellular service is available.
  • A RanchMesh network is optimal for areas with limited cellular coverage and to cover large installations over various locations.
    • The base station includes a cellular modem to communicate with the Ranch Cloud platform and a local area mesh modem to communicate with other nodes in the network. All RanchMesh installations require at least one base station.
    • Router nodes and end nodes include a local area mesh modem to communicate with the base station and each other. Depending upon the placement of the various nodes in the network, end nodes can communicate directly with the base station or can use one or more router nodes to relay their data back to the base station. This multi-hop approach allows data to be sent farther than might be possible directly between two nodes due to line of sight obstructions or range limiting environmental factors.


The RS330 has the following built-in features:

  • Heavy duty outdoor-rated all metal enclosure
  • Integrated high efficiency 5W or 10W monocrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame
  • 12V 2Ah or 4Ah NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Modem & GPS (varies by configuration)
  • Cellular/GPS combo antenna
  • Outdoor-grade whip antenna (RanchMesh)
  • Three status LEDs
  • ARM 32-bit CPU with 4MB flash file system for data buffering
  • Real-time operating system supporting Ranch Systems JavaScript for custom sensor and control integrations
  • Onboard diagnostic sensors for internal temperature, battery voltage, current draw, charge current, and cellular/RanchMesh signal strength
  • One analog 0-5V DC, digital counter (0-10Hz), or frequency input (0-10Hz) port
  • One RS-232 port
  • One RS-485/SDI-12 port
  • 5V and 12V DC excitation voltage generator
  • Two port expansion slots, each with two physical ports
  • Cable interface for PC connection

The RS330 supports the following optional expansion components:

  • DC latching 12VDC relay expansion board (up to four (4) control outputs via two physical ports)
  • Sensor input expansion board (up to four (4) inputs via two physical ports – Analog 0-5VDC, 5V constant power, 12V constant power)
  • Serial communications expansion board (one (1) RS-232 port and one (1) RS-485/SDI-12 port)
  • Ranch Systems Bluetooth Receiver to work in combination with the RS10 Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter