The RS10 is a compact, self-contained sensor interface utilizing Bluetooth® long-range, ultra-low power wireless technology. The RS10 communicates with a host telemetry unit to upload sensor data and receive commands from the Ranch Cloud™ platform.

With the RS10, equipment installation is no longer constrained by cabling. Place sensors where needed and connect them wirelessly to a host unit up to 1000 feet away. Wireless connectivity also increases the capacity for number of devices connected to a single telemetry unit.

The RS10 can sample multiple sensor types using the SDI-12 communications protocol and is well suited for use in all agricultural cultivation types such as trees/vines, row crops or under pivot applications. Its small size and flexible mounting options make it much easier to move during harvest or other times when a telemetry unit mounted to a tall strut or cable runs might be in the way or damaged by human activity or passing equipment.

Maximum number of RS10s per host unit varies by configuration. Maximum wireless range requires unobstructed line of sight between RS10 and the host unit. With trees or foliage between RS10 and the host, typical wireless range is up to 350 feet.


  • Weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure
  • Bluetooth® modem
  • 3.6V 1000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Two (2) fixed solar panels
  • Status LED
  • 12V DC excitation voltage generator
  • One (1) SDI-12 sensor input port with splitter cable support for multiple sensor connections
  • Onboard diagnostic sensors for internal temperature, battery voltage, and signal strength

Sensor Compatibility

  • Aquacheck Subsurface Soil Moisture
  • EnviroPro Soil Probe (with or without EC)
  • FloraPulse Microtensiometer
  • HSTI HydraSCOUT Soil Moisture
  • John Deere Field Connect Soil Moisture
  • METER Group ATMOS 14 Temperature/Relative Humidity/Barometric Pressure
  • Sentek Drill & Drop Soil Moisture & Temperature
  • Sentek Drill & Drop w/TriSCAN: EC, Soil Moisture & Temperature
  • Transducers Direct 0-250 PSI SDI-12 Pressure Sensor